How to win customers’ trust with Identity Verification

Make the first impression count.

Find out how to leverage identity verification to become a service that draws new customers and keeps the existing ones.

Becoming a trustworthy company isn't something that happens overnight. It's a consequence of doing the right things for the right reasons, like keeping your customers safe, making their lives easier or simply being transparent.

Learn about the common denominators of the companies users love and trust from the industry experts.

Join us to learn more about
  • The impact of identity verification on customer relationships
  • Automation of processes for identity checks to boost confidence level and focus on services businesses provide

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Sidney François

Sidney François

VP Product

As VP of Product at Passbase, Sidney spent two years leading Passbase's product team to deliver robust and scalable services, setting the industry standard for an easy-to-use, privacy-focused KYC product suite. His expertise includes customer R&D, architecture design, operations optimization & project management.

Before joining Passbase, Sidney served as VP of Product at B2B Food Group, one of the world's leading platforms in the business food sector with over 3000 partners. Sidney held a CPO role at LEMONCAT (acquired by Rocket Internet) and co-founded Veyo Care, a marketplace targeting the ever-growing need for senior health care.

After work, he designs and prototypes insane product ideas while blasting obscure music from around the world on his cherished studio monitors. If offered, he also won't say "no" to various culinary delicacies. Nudge nudge.

Tyler Brutsman

Tyler Brutsman (host)

Solutions Engineer

Tyler, a Solutions Engineer, is laser-focused on helping customers achieve seamless integration with Microblink’s AI-driven products. He approaches every problem with a critical lens forged by experience in software development, product management, implementations, and everything in between.

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